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Weight Loss is a Journey, Not A Destination

Jennifer, a forty-six year-old successful business owner my brother Tu Song-Anh Nguyen, M.D. and I have worked with in our weight loss clinics, prides herself in working hard and it shows in the success of her home-health business. While she enjoys this success, her inability to lose weight and keep it off represent an unspoken or unconscious failure. This failure has weighed on her heavily over the years.

No matter which weight-loss programs she enrolled in, she was unable to keep the weight off. Even if she came close to her goal, she would regain most of it fairly quickly due to the normal stress of raising two children along with running a busy practice. “I thought dieting was starving myself,” Jennifer said. Once she made her goal weight, she didn’t know what to do next. She viewed weight loss as a destination rather than a journey.
This is the very problem so many people seeking to shed pounds face. The pattern looks like this: You set the goal of a timeline and a specific target weight. You wake up early to go to the gym, and stay on course by restricting what you eat until you’re there. Or almost. And then...
Unfortunately, life is never so simple. Getting from point A to point B is rarely a smooth, straight line. You might look up from your desk at 8:00 PM and realize there’s still work to be done. Or the kids have an unexpected after-school project you have to help with. Or you just got a migraine. Each of these scenarios throws a wrench in your best dieting intentions. You were going to cook a totally amazing on-diet dinner, but there’s no way that’s going to get done tonight. Plus, you’re stressed. Takeout happens.
Does that mean you give up? Not at all. This is why you must see weight loss as a journey rather than a destination.
Setting a goal to lose a certain amount of weight is similar to traveling. Once you arrive at your destination or goal of weight loss, where do you go from there? What do you do next? Do you keep walking the same path? Not thinking of weight loss as a journey is the major problem with dieting and why it leads to so much failure.

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